Love Meter
Love Meter

Love Meter  : Whether you choose to believe in the love meter’s results or not is up to you. It can certainly give you a little love ego boost though. And who doesn’t want a ego boost. An ego boost makes you more happy and being more happy is good. So if you do believe in the results, make sure you believe in the positive results instead of the negative ones. Although, if you believe in the negative results, then perhaps deep down you know you are not in a good relationship.

Love is really found within yourself. You have to look deep down to see if you are really in love with the person. How do you know if they really love you though? Finding out if they really love you can be difficult. You have to watch for signs that they give off. Even the way and when they say “I love you,” is a tell tale sign. Keep watching for those signs to find out if he really loves you. And while you are waiting to fall head over heels, you can keep testing the love meter for the little love ego boosts along the way.


Knowing who you are suppose to be with is difficult. It is so difficult that the love meter was invented. And everybody wants love. Searching for love is hard, but it is always worth it. Never settle. Make sure he loves you as much as you love him. Many people settle, never knowing true love. And the saddest thing is to be in relationship without love. It is better to be in no relationship at all. Love with all your heart, don’t hold back, and find your true love,love meter.


Find the love of your life and test your love with all the love games together. Boost your ego and stay positively in love with the meter. Watch for the little love signs and secret love phrases from your partner. Love with an open heart most of all. Never settle and give it your all. Life is too short to not risk loving passionately. Have fun finding out if you are meant to be on the love meter.